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Adler 10ml — 10 pack

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Adler, the strongest poppers in a pack of 10. Thanks to its pocket size, it can be carried everywhere very easily. Its wide opening allows rapid diffusion for intense and never before seen effects. Each unopened bottle can be stored for several months without alteration. Take advantage of its low price by ordering in packs of 10.


  • Authentic Poppers - Best Price Guaranteed.
  • Fast delivery: 72h in Europe with tracking.
  • Discreet & Robust Package.
Product manufactured in the laboratory and compliant with European directives (CE standards).
Very flammable. Do not swallow. Irritating product whose excessive and prolonged use can lead to health risks. Keep out of reach of children, in a cool and ventilated place. Poppers are prohibited for minors.

Adler is the strongest poppers available on the market.

  • Its vasodilating power is enormous.
  • Its action on your libido and exacerbation of the senses is incredible.
  • Its euphoric virtues are incomparable compared to its competitors.

This poppers distilled in Germany benefits from a high purity to avoid side effects (headaches), however, to be reserved for initiates who seek to exceed their sexual limits.

Its pocket size makes it discreet, even in a trouser pocket, to carry it everywhere. Its wide opening allows a large diffusion and to enjoy its effects quickly and intensely. A bottle allows you to use it for one or two evenings, which is why we offer you this batch of 10 at a discount price.

data sheet

Duration of effects
6 minutes
Strong anal dilation, euphoria & fullness, disinhibition, exacerbated sensory pleasure, sexual frenzy, powerful erection, more intense orgasm
BDSM games
Sexual Disinhibition
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désolé pour la marque mais l'odeur est la plus puissante jamais respiré. L'effet est présent , et même pas mal , mais cette odeur est horrible. A utiliser en extérieur a la rigueur ..

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Adler 10ml — 10 pack

€99.00 €49.50