King Gold Pentyl 15ml - Ultra Strong Sensations


King Gold offers a concentrated Pentyl (PENTYL N + PENTANOL) formula with a delicate fragrance and stronger, longer-lasting aphrodisiac effects.

Create a scorching atmosphere with Liquid Gold XL: The aromatic poppers from England with XL power compared to its classic formula.

Indeed, its formula is 50% more concentrated and made from high quality ingredients for a maximum and faster impact on your libido and your sensations.


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King Gold Pentyl is ideal if you are looking for potency and long lasting effects . It is among the most powerful poppers offered on the store.

Thanks to its fresh smell and its intensity , King Gold Pentyl has become over the years the best-selling poppers in England. It is also diverted for clubbing-oriented recreational use since it turns a lot in clubs across the Channel because it provides nice sensations.

The effects of Poppers King Gold Pentyl

And so both in the club and in your bedroom, it will stimulate your sexual experiences: thanks to its Pentyl-based formula, its effects are very fast, almost instantaneous, and sufficiently powerful:

  • Awakens sexual arousal.
  • Sensation of soft and pleasant warmth runs through your body.
  • Sexual disinhibition
  • Muscle relaxation favoring penetration (anal or vaginal)
  • Increased sensory pleasure: caresses, blowjobs...
  • Intensifies orgasm

Use & Storage of King Gold Pentyl

The Isopropyl Nitrates used in the King Gold Pentyl recipe are used to enhance sexual pleasure for both men and women and also used to promote anal sex by relaxing muscles.

You can inhale the aroma directly from the plug to the nostrils for an immediate and powerful effect (be careful, it's tough!), wait a few minutes between two doses for the effects to fade.
However, we recommend leaving the bottle open in the room instead. The vapors of Liquid Gold will fill the atmosphere with its fresh and aphrodisiac aroma. It will only take a few minutes for you to feel its effects and completely disinhibit yourself.

After use, be sure to close the bottle tightly. Its secure cap guarantees a perfect seal , thus allowing better preservation of the aroma and therefore of its effects from the first day to the very end of the bottle.

Your vial should be stored in a cool, dry place. You can keep it for example in your refrigerator, it will only last longer.

Why are poppers called poppers ?

The term Poppers is widely used to describe isopropyl nitrate flavors. Historically, poppers were sold in small glass bottles with the cap popped off to open them (hence the name).

data sheet

Duration of effects
3 to 6 minutes
Strong desire for sex, tenfold sensations during the sexual act, more intense orgasm, stronger erection.
BDSM games
Sexual Disinhibition
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