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Poppers Large Bottles (24ml to 30ml) at discount prices

XL poppers (over 15ml) optimally charge the surrounding air with their aphrodisiac virtues. They are also more economical because they evaporate less quickly and keep their purity longer. To share during your naughty evenings, cruising for hot sexual adventures.

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Male Choice Pack: 3 popular poppers

Regular price €32.70 -30% Price €22.89
This pack is composed of 3 poppers acclaimed by occasional consumers because they do not give a headache. Jungle Juice & Blue Boy have fast and powerful aphrodisiac...

Rush Pocket 30ml - Aluminum Bottle

4 Review(s)
Regular price €14.85 -€2.00 Price €12.85
The Rush poppers are much more powerful with an almost immediate action thanks to its original Amyl-based formulation. This active ingredient allows a gentle but powerful...

Amyl Pocket - Unbreakable Aluminum Bottle...

2 Review(s)
Regular price €16.90 -25% Price €12.68
Amyl is now available in a much larger unbreakable bottle and above all, which allows better conservation. Its elongated format also allows it to be slipped more easily and...

Iron Fist 30ml

24 Review(s)
Regular price €16.90 -€5.00 Price €11.90
An ideal poppers for cruising thanks to its ultra-powerful immediate effects on your libido and its unbreakable aluminum bottle that will slip discreetly into your pocket....

Gold Rush 24ml

7 Review(s)
Regular price €14.90 -€4.00 Price €10.91
Barely breathed, the Gold Rush poppers take control, push back your inhibitions, promote your anal relaxation and make you euphoric for extraordinary sensations! The ultimate...

BB Poppers - 24 ml

18 Review(s)
Regular price €12.90 -€3.00 Price €9.90
BB, or Blue Boy, is an aroma that is as effective for your festive as it is naughty evenings, it is powerful without being too strong . It allows you to remove your...

Super Rush Black Label 24ml

6 Review(s)
Regular price €14.90 -15% Price €12.67
One of the most powerful aromas on the market that will cause an intense wave of heat as well as an exacerbation of the senses and libido. Your sexual urges no longer have any...

Amsterdam Special 24 ml - with Aphrodisiac...

17 Review(s)
Regular price €14.95 -€5.00 Price €9.95
Increase the sensations of your sexual encounters and achieve an incredible orgasm with the improved Amsterdam Special formula. Made from Amyl nitrite, essential oils and...

Jungle Juice Platinum 24ml

19 Review(s)
Regular price €12.90 -€3.00 Price €9.90
Jungle Juice Platinum differs from the classic version by its recipe reinforced by a unique blend of several types of aroma and a unique distillation process intended to...

Jungle Juice Platinum - 3 Pack include 1...

8 Review(s)
Regular price €39.70 -33.33% Price €26.47
Limited special offer: Order 2 Jungle Juice Platinum poppers , get the third free! Discover The Platinum recipe, enhanced by a unique blend designed to amplify the...

Lady 25ml

4 Review(s)
Regular price €14.90 -€4.00 Price €10.91
LADY , the poppers designed for female pleasure! Unlike classic aromas, its fragrance is softer, delicate and subtle between rose and raspberry. But behind this...

Rush Poppers XXL 40ml

3 Review(s)
Regular price €16.90 -25% Price €12.68
The best-selling poppers in Europe in a special XXL edition of 40ml. Rush is the reference brand of poppers that appeals to the whole world: Immediate and powerful effect,...

Ultra Kinky 3 Pack - Amyl & Propyl poppers

1 Review(s)
Regular price €32.90 -€10.00 Price €22.91
Unleash your most perverse fantasies with these 3 poppers to combine for totally unbridled naughty evenings. Disinhibition and anal relaxation will be required thanks to...

Gold Skull Pentyl 24ml

4 Review(s)
Regular price €14.90 -€2.00 Price €12.91
This extremely cool gold-looking glass skull not only looks great on your altar, its contents will also turn your next dates into uninhibited adventures and mystical sex...

Amsterdam XXX Ultra Strong 24ml

Regular price €14.90 -€2.00 Price €12.91
Take advantage of its "No Limit" effects on your libido and pleasure. Open the bottle, and let its wide neck quickly diffuse the aphrodisiac vapors of the aroma . After...

Amsterdam XXX Pentyl 24ml - New Formula

1 Review(s)
Regular price €16.75 -€4.00 Price €12.75
Amsterdam, one of the best poppers in our shop, has been revamped with a new format, new label, and new ultra-strong pentyl formula! After months and months of research,...

Amsterdam XXX Black Label 24ml

1 Review(s)
Regular price €15.90 -€4.00 Price €11.90
This new redesigned and reworked Amsterdam amyl black label poppers formula goes through various distillations and stabilizations to give you the best a poppers can give you:...

Amsterdam XXX Gold 24ml - New Aphrodisiac...

2 Review(s)
Regular price €14.90 -€4.00 Price €10.91
Get ready for maximum sensations with the new extra strong Amsterdam XXX Gold poppers . It comes in an indestructible pocket bottle with safety cap. This new formula of...

Amsterdam XXX 24ml - 3 Mixed Pack

1 Review(s)
Regular price €38.70 -30% Price €27.09
And finally here it is, gentlemen, the incredible Amsterdam XXX Pack with its three high bottles for maximum sensations! With their reworked formulas and new distillation...

Amsterdam Poppers 24ml

26 Review(s)
Regular price €12.95 -€4.00 Price €8.96
Compared to other brands, the aphrodisiac and relaxing effects of Amsterdam poppers last longer. This is why it is the best-selling poppers in Europe! Its sweet fragrance...