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Prostate Massagers

Explore the male G-spot: the prostate. These vibrating and...

Anal Rosary

The anal beads are a fantastic toy for...

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Back Love anal beads

From Price €15.77
Soft touch silicone anal beads with removal wrist. Series of 7 beads of...

Twins - Double Dong 30cm

Price €27.67
Twins by Alive is a 30 cm double dong dildo , in addition to being a classic,...
Geisha Plug Diamond M - Dorcel

Geisha Plug Diamond M - Dorcel

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Enhance your intimate games with the Geisha Diamond M Plug - Dorcel. Chic and...

Anal pleasure toys offer an enriching exploration of sexual pleasures, allowing for a deep discovery of erogenous zones, notably the P-spot in men, a source of intense pleasure.

Types of Anal Sex Toys


Dildos come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, designed for anal penetration and sometimes specifically curved to stimulate the prostate.

Anal Plugs

Intended to be inserted and stay in place, anal plugs help relax and stretch the anal muscle, enriching the sexual experience with continuous stimulation.

Prostate Massagers

Specially designed for prostate stimulation, these massagers, often vibrating, target the P-spot for a deeply satisfying experience.

Anal Beads

Made of beads of different sizes, anal beads intensify pleasure when they are gradually removed, often at the moment of orgasm.

The Pleasure of Anal in Men

Prostate stimulation offers intense sensations, making anal sex toys an effective way to explore and enhance male sexual pleasure.

The Pleasure of Anal Sex Toys

Highly appreciated in the gay community for their ability to stimulate the prostate, anal sex toys are, however, used by people of all sexual orientations, testifying to their universality in terms of pleasure.