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The inhaler is the essential accessory to carry your aroma everywhere with you (cruising, sauna, clubs...) discreetly and without risk of spilling it.

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Stainless steel popper inhaler

3 Review(s)
Price €29.91
Elegant poppers inhaler in the shape of a warhead in stainless steel with a hole at its base to pass a chain or hang it on a key ring. Ultra resistant and waterproof, it has a...

Chain Poppers Inhaler

4 Review(s)
Price €29.66
Have your favorite aroma always with you thanks to this ultra-design ogive-shaped poppers inhaler necklace. Discreet and completely waterproof, it is made of stainless steel.

Poppers inhaler on key ring

1 Review(s)
Price €27.67
Design and totally waterproof poppers inhaler, in stainless steel with its key ring carabiner to enjoy your favorite aroma everywhere. Its use is simple: Unscrew the outer...

Poppers Inhaler Mask

3 Review(s)
Price €12.80
Inhaler mask specially designed to amplify the effects of aromas, in fact, the sealed tank allows you to keep all the liquid and enjoy it. Soft and solid material,...

Dual Poppers Inhaler

3 Review(s)
Price €38.58
Stop spilling and wasting poppers! With this extremely cool little device, you are ready for all situations! Whether you are in the backroom, in the sauna or at a party -...

High Energy Pack - 3 Rush poppers + Inhaler

Regular price €36.95 -33% Price €24.76
Exceptional offer on this pack containing the inhalation mask as well as 3 Rush poppers of different intensities. The inhalation mask amplifies and increases the effects of...