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The inhaler is the essential accessory for carrying your aroma everywhere with you (cruising, sauna, clubs...) discreetly and without the risk of spillage.

Discover Rayo Inhalers for poppers: the solution for a hygienic, secure, and discreet experience. Avoid inconveniences such as nasal crusts or accidental leaks.

Our robust aluminum inhalers guarantee an effective and safe use, while maintaining discretion.

Ideal for all types of nitrites and brands. Fully enjoy with safety!

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Poppers Inhaler Mask

Price €12.80
Inhaler mask specially designed to amplify the effects of aromas, in fact,...

Dual Poppers Inhaler

Price €38.58
Stop spilling and wasting poppers! With this extremely cool little device,...

Why Opt for a Poppers Inhaler?

Inhalers offer a revolutionary solution for consuming poppers without the usual drawbacks. Say goodbye to post-consumption inconveniences such as nasal irritations or bottle accidents. Hygiene, safety, and discretion define the experience with Rayo inhalers.

Key Advantages of the Inhaler

The Poppers Inhaler is designed to maximize your experience while minimizing risks. It prevents nasal burns thanks to consumption without direct contact with the liquid. Its durable aluminum case protects against accidental breaks. Moreover, it ensures a discreet use, without having to unscrew the bottle cap, perfect for confidential use.

Simplified Use of the Inhaler

Using the Rayo inhaler is a breeze. Simply soak the cotton wick in poppers, place it in the reservoir, and inhale. Its design is compatible with all nitrites, offering total flexibility.

Main Features

Typically cylindrical and made of steel or aluminum, the poppers inhaler is as aesthetic as it is effective. Equipped with a hermetic cap, it maintains the intensity of aromas and allows controlled release of volatile molecules. Some models offer optimized air flow for an even more intense experience.

The True Effects Through an Inhaler

Breathing through an inhaler produces a powerful and euphoric effect, surpassing traditional consumption. It is advised to start with softer concentrations to gradually get used to the power released by the device.
With the inhaler, you fully control the intensity of your experience, safely.

Whatever your choice of poppers, the inhaler transforms each moment into an unforgettable adventure, focusing on safety, hygiene, and discretion. Explore the heights of pleasure with confidence and elegance.