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Explore intense pleasure with our selection of urethral sounds at Poppers-Express.com. Perfect for the erotic adventure of urethral stimulation, ensuring safety and satisfaction. Enjoy competitive prices and discreet delivery.

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Extra Long Vibrating Urethral Plug

Regular price €36.90 -€2.00 Price €34.90
Vibrating penis plug in soft black silicone, phthalate-free. Total length 45...

Set of 3 urethral probes

Price €29.91
3 dilator urethral plugs of different sizes and textures (55 to 129 mm...

Urethral stimulation, or sounding, is a daring erotic practice offering a unique blend of pleasure and pain. Perfectly designed to stimulate one of the most sensitive areas of the body, urethral sounds promise an unforgettable experience.

How to Use Urethral Sounds

Using urethral sounds requires care and caution. Ensure proper lubrication and impeccable hygiene. Always start with thinner models and gradually increase the size according to your comfort and experience.

How to Choose Your Urethral Sound

The choice of a urethral sound depends on your personal preferences and experience. Beginners should consider thinner silicone sounds for their flexibility, while experienced users can explore options in stainless steel for more intense sensations.

Types of Urethral Sounds

  • Metal Urethral Plug: Ideal for those seeking intense and precise stimulation.
  • Silicone Urethral Plug: Perfect for beginners due to its flexibility and ease of use.
  • Urethral Plug with Rings: Provides a unique chastity experience, slowing down ejaculation.
  • Variable Sound Accessories: To explore different dimensions and intensities of pleasure.

Pleasure and Safety

Urethral sounding offers indescribable pleasure, combining intensity and thrilling sensations. However, safety should always be your priority. Make sure to choose high-quality sounds and follow the instructions for safe and satisfying experience.