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Discover our different ranges of condoms with or without latex, ribbed, beaded or ultra thin. All sizes are available to best suit your body type. Never run out of condoms with Poppers Express!

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3 Sico SAFETY condoms

Price €2.17
3 high quality condoms offering both maximum protection and intense sensations.

12 Sico COLOR condoms

Price €7.53
Colored and flavored condoms (banana, strawberry, mint, tutti frutti) for...

12 Sico DRY condoms

Price €8.62
Box of 12 high quality non-lubricated condoms for the practice of natural and...

3 Sico X-TRA condoms

Price €2.17
3 very high quality condoms offering a high thickness, combining safety and...
50 Sico X-TRA condoms

50 Sico X-TRA condoms

Regular price €20.62 -10% Price €18.56
50 very high quality condoms offering a high thickness, combining safety and...

3 Sico GRIP condoms

Price €2.17
Box of 3 transparent, lubricated condoms, with reinforced and tight ring at...

12 Sico GRIP condoms

Price €7.53
Box of 12 transparent, lubricated condoms, with reinforced and tight ring at...

3 Sico SENSITIVE Condoms

Price €2.17
3 extra thin condoms for sensations closer to relationships without a condom.

The diversity of human bodies is reflected in the variety of condoms available, essential for a fulfilling and safe sexuality. Finding the right condom ensures both pleasure and protection during every sexual encounter.

Importance of Choosing the Right Condom

A well-fitted condom is the key to not only an enjoyable but also a safe sexual experience, reducing the risk of STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

Types of Available Condoms

XXL Condoms

For those who find standard sizes restrictive, XXL condoms offer comfort and security without compromising pleasure.

Ribbed and Dotted Condoms

Ribbed and dotted condoms are designed to enhance sensations for both partners, promising a more intense experience.

Ultra-Thin Condoms

Ultra-thin condoms allow for greater skin-to-skin sensation while ensuring effective protection.

Latex-Free Condoms

Perfect for people allergic to latex, these condoms provide the same protection and pleasure without the risk of allergies.

Choosing the Right Condom Size

The right condom size is crucial for its effectiveness. A condom that is too tight or too loose can compromise both safety and comfort.

Precautions for Using Condoms

It is essential to use condoms correctly to maximize their effectiveness. This includes carefully opening them to avoid damage and putting them on correctly before any sexual activity.

The Role of Condoms in Preventing STIs

Condoms remain one of the most effective means of preventing the transmission of STIs and HIV, underscoring the importance of their systematic use.

In our shop, you will find a wide selection of condoms suitable for all preferences and practices. Choosing the right condom ensures moments of pleasure in complete safety. For any questions or advice, do not hesitate to contact us.