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Our essentials are there to improve the comfort of your sexual intercourse: lubricants, anal relaxants, massage gels...


For a moment of pleasure alone, as a duo or with others, don't...

Anal Relaxants

Relaxing gels and sprays to enjoy anal penetration without...


Massage gels and candles for sensual and more intense...


Discover our different ranges of condoms with or without latex,...

Enema Pears

Confident anal intercourse with our selection of enema bulbs....

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3 Sico SAFETY condoms

Price €2.17
3 high quality condoms offering both maximum protection and intense sensations.
Showerplay enema bulb

Showerplay enema bulb

Regular price €22.71 -12% Price €19.99
Enema pear with a capacity of 350 ml and 3 removable cannulas provided, for...

12 Sico COLOR condoms

Price €7.53
Colored and flavored condoms (banana, strawberry, mint, tutti frutti) for...
Backside anal tightening cream

Backside anal tightening cream

Regular price €18.79 -20% Price €15.04
Anal cream specially formulated to tighten the muscles of the anus and...
Mixgliss MAX lubricant 250ml

Mixgliss MAX lubricant 250ml

Regular price €15.90 -20% Price €12.72
Extra slippery natural water-based lubricant, ideal for extreme dilations,...
Body to body massage oil

Body to body massage oil

Regular price €19.74 -15% Price €16.78
100% organic erotic massage oil, made in France by Divinextases.

12 Sico DRY condoms

Price €8.62
Box of 12 high quality non-lubricated condoms for the practice of natural and...
anal backside cream

anal backside cream

Regular price €18.79 -20% Price €15.04
Super slippery cream for anal penetration. Relaxes and heals at the same time.

3 Sico X-TRA condoms

Price €2.17
3 very high quality condoms offering a high thickness, combining safety and...

Anal gel - 50 ml

Price €6.90
Gel designed to facilitate anal penetration. Compatible with condoms, non...

The Essentials of Pleasure for a Fulfilling Sexuality

In your quest for a fulfilling and safe sex life, our gay sex shop offers you a selection of essential products. Discover our complete range, from massage oils to lubricants, including anal relaxants and indispensable condoms.

Massage Oils

Massage oil is your ally for intimate moments enriched with a touch of sensuality and tenderness. Our oils, enriched with vitamins and minerals, moisturize the skin while offering a relaxing and exciting massage experience.

Lubricants: Water-Based, Silicone, and Greases

A good lubricant is the key to a comfortable and satisfying sexual experience. We offer a variety of lubricants:

  • Water-based lubricants: Perfect for use with silicone sex toys, easy to clean.
  • Silicone-based lubricants: Offering long-lasting lubrication, ideal for extended and underwater sex.
  • Special greases: Designed for extreme lubrication, ideal for fisting and practices requiring long-lasting lubrication.

Anal Relaxants for Pain-Free Anal Sex

Comfort and safety are essential when practicing anal sex. Our anal relaxants help relax the muscles and facilitate insertion, ensuring a more enjoyable experience for all partners.

Condoms: Protection and Pleasure

Condoms are not only a necessity for protection against STIs and HIV; they can also enhance pleasure. Discover our selection of ultra-thin, textured, and flavored condoms.

Sextoy Cleaners: Perfect Hygiene

Impeccable hygiene is crucial to enjoy your sex toys with peace of mind. Our sex toy cleaners effectively eliminate bacteria, ensuring perfect cleanliness before and after each use.

Our store is committed to offering the best products for a fulfilling and safe sexuality. Browse our selection and find everything you need to enrich your sex life.