Small Poppers

Poppers Small Bottles (9ml to 14ml) at a low price

Do you use poppers very occasionally? Do you want to discover a new brand of poppers ? Do you want to take it discreetly with you? So prefer this small format (9 to 15ml).

For less occasional use, we recommend larger bottles, in fact, they last longer and once opened, they lose their effects much less quickly.

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Super Rush Black Label 10ml

Super Rush Black Label 10ml

2 Review(s)
Regular price €9.90 -10% Price €8.91
Stronger than Rush , even stronger than Super Rush - it's Super Rush Black...

Gold Rush Poppers

6 Review(s)
Regular price €11.90 -€3.00 Price €8.91
The Gold Rush aroma is a more powerful formula than the classic Rush aroma,...
Voodoo 10ml - Extra Strong...

Voodoo 10ml - Extra Strong Poppers

4 Review(s)
Regular price €9.85 -10% Price €8.87
Voodoo does exist! This poppers is so strong that what it will make you feel...

BB Pentyl 10ml

7 Review(s)
Price €8.95
The iconic poppers brand of the 70s, Blue Boy is back with a new name: BB . A...
Jungle Juice Platinum

Jungle Juice Platinum 10ml

19 Review(s)
Regular price €9.90 -20% Price €7.92
With its recipe that will suit the greatest number, Jungle Juice Platinum is...

Original Rush 9ml

25 Review(s)
Regular price €9.90 -€4.00 Price €5.90
The best-selling poppers in Europe at a mini price. Immediate and powerful...

Rush Zero Red Distilled 10ml

1 Review(s)
Regular price €12.85 -€5.00 Price €7.85
Are you looking for a new poppers that really excites you and allows absolute...