Small Poppers

Poppers Small Bottles (9ml to 14ml) at a low price

Do you use poppers very occasionally? Do you want to discover a new brand of poppers ? Do you want to take it discreetly with you? So prefer this small format (9 to 15ml).

For less occasional use, we recommend larger bottles, in fact, they last longer and once opened, they lose their effects much less quickly.

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BB Pentyl 10ml

Price €8.95
The iconic poppers brand of the 70s, Blue Boy is back with a new name: BB . A...
Rush Zero Hybrid Poppers -...
Intensity 9/10

Rush Zero Hybrid Poppers - 10ml

Regular price €9.90 -20% Price €7.92
Last born in the family of poppers , this hybrid formula Amyle + Propyle...
Flavoured Poppers Pack - 5...
Intensity 6/10

Flavoured Poppers Pack - 5 x 10ml

Regular price €49.50 -50% Price €24.75
Lot of 5 euphoric and aphrodisiac aromas scented with coconut, almond,...
Berlin Hard 10ml
Intensity 9/10

Berlin Hard 10ml

Regular price €10.95 -17% Price €9.09
Even more powerful aphrodisiac Poppers . Number 1 in Great Britain and a...

Lady 10ml

Regular price €9.95 -€2.00 Price €7.96
LADY was designed and formulated especially for girls and anyone who doesn't...
Lady 10ml - 10 Pack
Intensity 5/10

Lady 10ml - 10 Pack

Regular price €99.00 -45% Price €54.45
New poppers with a rich and delicate aroma with powerful effects created for...

Inside 10ml

Regular price €8.90 -€2.00 Price €6.91
The name of this poppers is evocative: with it, your lover will slip INside...