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Poppers Small Bottles (9ml to 14ml) at a low price

Do you use poppers very occasionally? Do you want to discover a new brand of poppers ? Do you want to take it discreetly with you? So prefer this small format (9 to 15ml).

For less occasional use, we recommend larger bottles, in fact, they last longer and once opened, they lose their effects much less quickly.

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1 Review(s)
Regular price €24.70 -25% Price €18.53
With 10 million bottles sold worldwide, Rush is the absolute number 1 poppers ! Rush has a powerful aroma whose freshness lasts much longer thanks to its Power-Pak ball...

Original Rush 9ml

25 Review(s)
Regular price €9.90 -€4.00 Price €5.90
The best-selling poppers in Europe at a mini price. Immediate and powerful effect, it allows to dilate the anus and exacerbate the senses. Formulated with isopropyl, it is...

Poppers Fist 9ml - for Fist Fucking

22 Review(s)
Regular price €10.95 -€2.00 Price €8.95
Fist is a very popular super strong poppers in London clubs. The concentrated formula of this aroma acts on anal dilation and particularly appeals to fisting enthusiasts. A...

Gold Rush Poppers

6 Review(s)
Regular price €11.90 -€3.00 Price €8.91
The Gold Rush aroma is a more powerful formula than the classic Rush aroma, it is formidable for intensifying sexual pleasure. Its rise in potency is rapid and its...

Gold Rush - 4 Pack (1 free bottle included)

1 Review(s)
Regular price €35.90 -25% Price €26.93
Barely breathed, the Gold Rush poppers take control, push back your inhibitions, promote your anal relaxation and make you euphoric for extraordinary sensations! A good...

Jungle Juice Platinum 10ml

19 Review(s)
Regular price €8.90 -€0.50 Price €8.41
With its recipe that will suit the greatest number, Jungle Juice Platinum is a poppers of incredible quality thanks to its unique distillation process. It is by far...

Super Rush Black Label 10ml

2 Review(s)
Regular price €9.90 -10% Price €8.91
Stronger than Rush , even stronger than Super Rush - it's Super Rush Black Label ! Its new formula has been specially developed for users initiated into the BDSM...

Super Rush Black Label 9ml - 3 Pack...

Regular price €29.90 -33.33% Price €19.94
Promotional offer on Super Rush Black Label : 2 bottles of 9ml + 1 free! To never miss the most powerful Rush poppers on the market: its active ingredient provides an...

Poppers CBD 10ml — With hemp essential oils

3 Review(s)
Regular price €9.90 -€2.00 Price €7.90
Poppers enriched with essential oils of CBD, which, in addition to its aphrodisiac virtues, helps to reduce stress and anxiety, putting you in a better predisposition to make...

Voodoo 10ml - Extra Strong Poppers

4 Review(s)
Regular price €9.85 -10% Price €8.87
Voodoo does exist! This poppers is so strong that what it will make you feel is nothing but magic. You'll feel like something is invading your body, giving you the most intense...

Lady 10ml

5 Review(s)
Regular price €9.95 -€2.00 Price €7.96
LADY was designed and formulated especially for girls and anyone who doesn't like the smell of classic poppers. It is very erotic, stimulating and causes mild euphoria,...

Amsterdam XXX Ultra Strong 10ml

Regular price €9.90 -€1.00 Price €8.90
Amsterdam XXX Ultra Strong will blow your mind. The name says it all - be warned, it really is ultra strong and its effects extremely long lasting. It is distilled from...

Addict 10ml

4 Review(s)
Regular price €8.90 -€1.00 Price €7.91
Do you like sex? Then the new Addict is the perfect Poppers for you. Its balanced formula makes you incredibly excited and brings dizzying sensations that occur...

Fist Hand Furious Amyl 15ml

1 Review(s)
Price €9.90
Fist Hand Furious Amyl delivers powerful sensations with maximum dilation and long lasting effects ! Don't be fooled by its sweet aroma at first, it will gradually...

Jungle Juice Black Label 10ml - Extreme...

13 Review(s)
Regular price €10.95 -18% Price €8.98
Its unique and original formula guarantees you extreme effects: get ready to let your sexual urges escape and discover an even wilder and more lustful facet of your...

Rush Zero Hybrid Poppers - 10ml

4 Review(s)
Regular price €9.90 -20% Price €7.92
Last born in the family of poppers , this hybrid formula Amyle + Propyle increases the feelings : The pleasure is increased and the feeling of heat felt inside is more...

Faust 9ml

4 Review(s)
Regular price €9.90 -10% Price €8.91
The Faust poppers take their name from the German "Fist", and clearly underline their powerful effect. With it, even if you are not a fan of fisting, you will lose your...

3 Faust Poppers including 1 Free

5 Review(s)
Regular price €27.67 -33.33% Price €18.45
Take advantage of this pack at an exclusive price: buy 2, get 1 free! Ideal even for occasional users, as each bottle can be stored for months away from light, in a cool,...

Jungle Juice Max 10ml

5 Review(s)
Regular price €8.90 -15% Price €7.57
Only choose Jungle Juice MAX if you are looking for a MAXimum and fast effect! Don't be fooled by its sweet aroma, Jungle Juice MAX is not for the faint of heart and we...

Demon Juice 10ml

Price €8.91
Demon Juice is our new ultra powerful French poppers . It is formulated with isopentyl nitrite, one of the most powerful active ingredients on the market for intense...