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Welcome to our section dedicated to anal plugs, a world rich in sensations and discoveries. Whether you are a novice or experienced, this guide is designed to help you choose the anal plug that will meet your specific expectations and needs.

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Geisha Plug Diamond M - Dorcel

Geisha Plug Diamond M - Dorcel

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Enhance your intimate games with the Geisha Diamond M Plug - Dorcel. Chic and...

XL Inflatable Plug

Price €27.67
Enjoy the feeling of fullness that comes from feeling full and fully dilated!...

XL dog tail butt plug

Price €54.45
Large Premium silicone anal plug, in the shape of a dog's tail for your Puppy...

Welcome to our dedicated section for anal plugs, a world full of sensations and discoveries. Whether you're a beginner or experienced, this guide is designed to help you choose the anal plug that will meet your specific expectations and needs.

Understanding the Anal Plug

The anal plug, also known as a butt plug, is a sex toy designed to be inserted into the anus to stimulate this sensation-rich erogenous zone. Contrary to common beliefs, there's no such thing as a specifically gay anal plug: the anus doesn't discriminate, plugs are universal, suitable for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation.

How to Choose the Right Anal Plug

Experience and Size

Beginner? Opt for a small-sized plug, or even an inflatable model that adjusts to your comfort level. Experienced users? Larger-sized plugs or those with specific shapes offer intensified sensations.


The touch sensation is crucial. Silicone plugs offer softness and flexibility, while glass or metal ones provide a unique firmness sensation and can be used for temperature play.

Shape and Features

Do you prefer simple stimulation or are you looking for additional sensations? Plugs can be vibrating, have ridged shapes, or be equipped with beads to enhance pleasure. Some models offer remote-control features for remote or couple play.

The Pleasure Provided by the Anal Plug

Wearing an anal plug can greatly enhance sexual arousal, stimulate anal walls, and prepare for anal penetration. For men, it also allows effective stimulation of the prostate, a key area for male pleasure.

Usage and Maintenance

For a pleasant and safe experience, always use a lubricant suitable for the material of your plug. After use, clean it thoroughly with warm water and mild soap, or a specific sex toy cleaner.

Our Selection

As each individual is unique, we have selected a variety of anal plugs, including models featuring the colors of the rainbow flag, for those who wish to show their pride or simply add color to their pleasure.

Safety Tips

Always choose a plug with a widened base to avoid any risk of absorption. In case of pain or discomfort, stop use and consult if necessary.

Remember, the choice of an anal plug should primarily match your desires, level of comfort, and experiences. There's no universal choice, but finding the right toy can open the door to enriching exploration and new pleasures.