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Discover the universe of domination and submission with our exclusive selection of gags. Designed to transcend your BDSM sessions, these accessories are much more than mere noise-reducing instruments; they symbolize complete submission and exquisite domination.

Each gag, carefully selected, is a gateway to a new dimension of pleasure. Whether it's a classic ball gag that enforces silence, a bar gag that keeps the mouth open for unrestrained oral play, or an innovative model incorporating elements of soft torture like mini dildos, each piece is crafted to awaken your deepest senses.

Our gags are designed for everyone, from beginners tentatively exploring the world of BDSM to the most experienced dominants and submissives looking to intensify their games.

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Gag with internal dildo

Price €24.55
Adjustable gag with realistic black penis (2 sizes). The interior of the...

Mouth Spreader Gag

Price €21.62
Compel your submissive to keep their mouth wide open with this spider gag....

Black Leather Gag Ball

Price €17.81
Keep your lover quiet with this breathable ball gag. Made from high-quality...

Gag with Metal Ring XL

Price €17.46
BDSM gag equipped with a large metal ring that is placed in your slave's mouth.

Glow in the Dark Ball Gag

Price €28.90
Full ball gag with adjustable strap that is glow in the dark. Features : -...

BDSM gag is a staple in the world of domination and submission, intensifying pleasure through imposed silence. Perfect for erotic games, it stimulates the power dynamic between the dominant and the submissive.

How to Use a Gag

Using a gag requires prior communication and establishing a non-verbal safe word, essential for playing safely. It's important to ensure the comfort of the submissive and regularly check their condition.

How to Choose Your Gag

Choosing a gag depends on several criteria, including comfort, type of material (leather, silicone, satin), and desired level of silence. Beginners may prefer gags with breathing holes, while experienced users may explore more restrictive models.

Types of Gags

  • Ball Gag: Classic and effective, it fits snugly in the mouth, offering a complete submission experience.
  • Bit Gag: Similar to a horse bit, it forces the mouth to remain open, perfect for oral play.
  • Gag with Mini Dildo: For extreme submission enthusiasts, it fills the mouth and reduces the ability to speak or breathe easily.

The Pleasure of Silent Submission

BDSM gag transcends mere vocal restriction to become a powerful symbol of domination. It turns every breath and stifled moan into an ode to eroticism, increasing the intensity of power play and pleasure for both partners.