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Anal Relaxer: Our Gels & Sprays for gentle penetration

Relaxing gels and sprays to enjoy anal penetration without pain.

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Backside anal tightening cream

Backside anal tightening cream

Regular price €18.79 -20% Price €15.04
Anal cream specially formulated to tighten the muscles of the anus and...
anal backside cream

anal backside cream

Regular price €18.79 -20% Price €15.04
Super slippery cream for anal penetration. Relaxes and heals at the same time.

Anal Bleaching Cream - Ero By Hot

Regular price €24.90 -€2.00 Price €22.90
Anal bleaching is the current trend and it is in tune with the times that...

Anal Relaxants for a Pain-Free Experience

Anal sex can be a source of apprehension due to pain or discomfort. Our range of anal relaxants is specially designed to ensure maximum comfort during penetration, making the experience enjoyable for all.

Types of Anal Relaxants

Anesthetic Gels

Anesthetic gels facilitate gentle dilation, ideal for anal sex novices or for more intense practices such as fisting.

Anesthetic Sprays

Sprays allow for easy application and effective dilation without excessive lubrication, suitable for bolder anal experiences.

Anal Applicators

With precision and ease, the anal applicator delivers the perfect amount of product directly where it's needed, ensuring optimal dilation and relaxation.

3-in-1 Anesthetic Packs

For a complete experience, opt for our packs including anal gel, deep throat spray, and menthol candies for oral sex, enriching your sexual life.

Benefits of Anal Relaxants

Using an anal relaxant transforms anal sex into a pleasant and pain-free experience. It strengthens the intimacy and pleasure of the couple, opening the door to fearless exploration of anal pleasures.

Whether you're looking to improve comfort during anal sex, experiment with more intense anal play, or simply explore new sensations, our range of anal relaxants will meet all your needs. Enjoy fast and discreet delivery to start your adventure without delay.