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Our packs are specially designed for both beginners and enthusiasts, allowing you to vary your pleasures by taking advantage of each poppers brand. By ordering these bundles, you benefit from a very advantageous price.

Discover our economical and carefully selected poppers packs. Enjoy exclusive discounts on our team selections or our best-seller packs, which include the most popular poppers among our customers. Save money while exploring a variety of sensations!

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RUSH Variety Poppers 3-Pack

Regular price €38.70 -€13.80 Price €24.90
Experience the ultimate journey with The Triumphant Rush Pack - a collection...
3 Pack - Intense Poppers

3 Pack - Intense Poppers

Regular price €30.40 -40% Price €18.24
3 powerful Amyl poppers , appreciated for their rapid onset (hit) and their...
Amsterdam XXX 24ml - 3...

Amsterdam XXX 24ml - 3 Mixed Pack

Regular price €38.70 -30% Price €27.09
And finally here it is, gentlemen, the incredible Amsterdam XXX Pack with its...
Master Pack S

Master Pack S

Regular price €24.80 -25% Price €18.61
Master S is a poppers pack for connoisseurs who know what they want and how...
Master Pack XL

Master Pack XL

Regular price €64.78 -40% Price €38.87
Master XL consists of a selection of powerful poppers for those who like to...
Master Pack XXL - 10 Poppers

Master Pack XXL - 10 Poppers

Regular price €70.76 -40% Price €42.46
Poppers selected for their power and popularity within Fetish/BDSM circles. A...
Male Choice Pack: 3 popular...

Male Choice Pack: 3 popular poppers

Regular price €32.70 -30% Price €22.89
This pack is composed of 3 poppers acclaimed by occasional consumers because...
Pur by JOLT - 3 Pack

Pur by JOLT - 3 Pack

Regular price €38.70 -25% Price €29.03
Discover the PUR by JOLT collection. Thanks to a unique distillation...
Best Sellers Package

Best Sellers Package

Regular price €39.59 -25% Price €29.70
Undecided? Trust the choice of Internet users. This pack combines the 4 most...

Our poppers packs are the perfect solution for amateurs and connoisseurs looking to save money while discovering the best selections on the market. Each pack is designed to offer a varied and enriching experience.

Why Choose Our Poppers Packs?

The benefits of choosing our packs are numerous.

Firstly, they offer an unparalleled economic opportunity, allowing you to acquire multiple bottles at a more advantageous price than individual purchases.

Furthermore, our selections and best-seller packs highlight our customers' favorite poppers, ensuring optimal quality and satisfaction.

Savings and Expert Selections

By opting for one of our packs, you benefit not only from significant discounts but also from our team's expertise. Our selections are based on current trends and customer feedback, guaranteeing a most pleasant and varied experience.

Best-Seller Packs: Quality Endorsed by Our Customers

Our best-seller packs reflect the preferences of our clientele. By choosing them, you're sure to explore the most popular and effective poppers, known for their quality and ability to provide unique sensations.

An Economical and Quality Choice

The poppers packs from our store offer a dual promise: save on your purchases while accessing high-end and appreciated products.

Whether you're looking for novelty or proven sensations, our packs are designed to meet all your expectations.

Take advantage now of our exclusive offers and dive into the world of poppers with confidence and satisfaction.