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Formula with powerful aphrodisiac effects whose effects gradually increase with each new puff or inhalation. Increased anal relaxation and obsessive desire for sex: Amyl nitrite-based poppers make you a real pig!

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Amyl Poppers

13 Review(s)
Regular price €14.90 -€2.00 Price €12.91
True pure Amyl Nitrite poppers for a slower build-up and longer lasting effects compared to poppers formulated with Propyle. Through its powerful effects, it lifts your...

Amyl Pocket - Unbreakable Aluminum Bottle...

2 Review(s)
Regular price €16.90 -25% Price €12.68
Amyl is now available in a much larger unbreakable bottle and above all, which allows better conservation. Its elongated format also allows it to be slipped more easily and...

Poppers Fist 9ml - for Fist Fucking

22 Review(s)
Regular price €10.95 -€2.00 Price €8.95
Fist is a very popular super strong poppers in London clubs. The concentrated formula of this aroma acts on anal dilation and particularly appeals to fisting enthusiasts. A...

Fist Hand Furious Amyl 15ml

1 Review(s)
Price €9.90
Fist Hand Furious Amyl delivers powerful sensations with maximum dilation and long lasting effects ! Don't be fooled by its sweet aroma at first, it will gradually...

Amsterdam Special 24 ml - with Aphrodisiac...

17 Review(s)
Regular price €14.95 -€5.00 Price €9.95
Increase the sensations of your sexual encounters and achieve an incredible orgasm with the improved Amsterdam Special formula. Made from Amyl nitrite, essential oils and...

Ultra Kinky 3 Pack - Amyl & Propyl poppers

1 Review(s)
Regular price €32.90 -€10.00 Price €22.91
Unleash your most perverse fantasies with these 3 poppers to combine for totally unbridled naughty evenings. Disinhibition and anal relaxation will be required thanks to...

Amsterdam XXX Black Label 24ml

1 Review(s)
Regular price €15.90 -€4.00 Price €11.90
This new redesigned and reworked Amsterdam amyl black label poppers formula goes through various distillations and stabilizations to give you the best a poppers can give you:...

Rush Pocket 30ml - Aluminum Bottle

4 Review(s)
Regular price €14.85 -€2.00 Price €12.85
The Rush poppers are much more powerful with an almost immediate action thanks to its original Amyl-based formulation. This active ingredient allows a gentle but powerful...

Iron Fist 30ml

24 Review(s)
Regular price €16.90 -€5.00 Price €11.90
An ideal poppers for cruising thanks to its ultra-powerful immediate effects on your libido and its unbreakable aluminum bottle that will slip discreetly into your pocket....

Super Rush Black Label 10ml

2 Review(s)
Regular price €9.90 -10% Price €8.91
Stronger than Rush , even stronger than Super Rush - it's Super Rush Black Label ! Its new formula has been specially developed for users initiated into the BDSM...

Super Rush Black Label 9ml - 3 Pack...

Regular price €29.90 -33.33% Price €19.94
Promotional offer on Super Rush Black Label : 2 bottles of 9ml + 1 free! To never miss the most powerful Rush poppers on the market: its active ingredient provides an...

Super Rush Black Label 24ml

6 Review(s)
Regular price €14.90 -15% Price €12.67
One of the most powerful aromas on the market that will cause an intense wave of heat as well as an exacerbation of the senses and libido. Your sexual urges no longer have any...

Super Rush 24ml

8 Review(s)
Regular price €14.87 -20% Price €11.90
The Poppers Super Rush is more flavored than all the other products in the Rush range and thanks to its amyl- based formula, it is more powerful and the duration of the...

Gold Rush Poppers

6 Review(s)
Regular price €11.90 -€3.00 Price €8.91
The Gold Rush aroma is a more powerful formula than the classic Rush aroma, it is formidable for intensifying sexual pleasure. Its rise in potency is rapid and its...

Gold Rush - 4 Pack (1 free bottle included)

1 Review(s)
Regular price €35.90 -25% Price €26.93
Barely breathed, the Gold Rush poppers take control, push back your inhibitions, promote your anal relaxation and make you euphoric for extraordinary sensations! A good...

Amsterdam Black Label - Intense Formula

15 Review(s)
Regular price €14.95 -€5.00 Price €9.95
A fruity aroma that makes the desire for sex rise very quickly, a must for connoisseurs looking for strong sensations. With each inhalation, your disinhibitions fly away a...

Adler 9ml

10 Review(s)
Regular price €9.95 -5% Price €9.46
German quality poppers specially designed for Hard & BDSM games: Adler . Its sensations are stunning thanks to its purity and its composition based on amyl, the...

Adler 10ml — 10 pack

1 Review(s)
Regular price €99.00 -50% Price €49.50
Adler, the strongest poppers in a pack of 10. Thanks to its pocket size, it can be carried everywhere very easily. Its wide opening allows rapid diffusion for intense and never...

Sweat Pig 24ml

13 Review(s)
Regular price €11.90 -€2.00 Price €9.91
The Sweat Pig poppers are popular with guys who love uncompromising hard sex, and particularly with the leather and fetish community as well. It is an aroma with...

Pur Amyl by Jolt 10ml

6 Review(s)
Price €8.91
Its sleek design goes straight to the point, like the purity of its Amyl formula, whose strong effects are striking. Located in the south of France, the JOLT...