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Formula with powerful aphrodisiac effects whose effects gradually increase with each new puff or inhalation. Increased anal relaxation and obsessive desire for sex: Amyl nitrite-based poppers make you a real pig!

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RUSH Variety Poppers 3-Pack

Regular price €38.70 -€13.80 Price €24.90

Experience the ultimate journey with The Triumphant Rush Pack - a...

Amyl Poppers

13 Review(s)
Regular price €14.90 -€2.00 Price €12.91

True pure Amyl Nitrite poppers for a slower build-up and...

Pure Amyl - 3 Pack

Pure Amyl - 3 Pack

5 Review(s)
Regular price €44.60 -33.33% Price €29.74

The strongest aphrodisiac poppers on the market in exclusive promotion:...

Gold Rush 24ml

7 Review(s)
Regular price €14.90 -€4.00 Price €10.91

Barely breathed, the Gold Rush poppers take control, push back your...

Iron Fist 30ml

25 Review(s)
Regular price €16.90 -€5.00 Price €11.90

An ideal poppers for cruising thanks to its ultra-powerful...

3 Pack - Intense Poppers

3 Pack - Intense Poppers

6 Review(s)
Regular price €30.40 -40% Price €18.24

3 powerful Amyl poppers , appreciated for their rapid onset (hit) and...

Real Rush Platinum 24ml

Real Rush Platinum 24ml

4 Review(s)
Regular price €12.90 -25% Price €9.68

The original, more powerful Rush aroma for an insatiable desire for sex...

Gold Rush Poppers

6 Review(s)
Regular price €11.90 -€3.00 Price €8.91

The Gold Rush aroma is a more powerful formula than the classic...