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The anal beads are a fantastic toy for exploring anal pleasure and discovering uncharted sensations. Whether you're alone or with a partner, don't hesitate to incorporate this toy into your erotic repertoire for nights of renewed passion.

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Soft touch silicone anal beads with removal wrist. Series of 7 beads of...

The anal beads, a sex toy designed to enhance the erotic experience of men, especially within the gay community. Discover how to choose the perfect anal beads for you and explore the intense orgasms they can provide.

What is Anal Beads?

Anal beads are a series of linked beads designed to stimulate the erogenous zones of the anus. Progressing from smallest to largest diameter, these beads offer a unique and intensified experience upon insertion and removal.

Choosing the Right Anal Beads

Manufacturing Materials

Opt for beads made of medical-grade silicone, metal, or glass for a safe and enjoyable experience. These materials ensure easy cleaning and impeccable hygiene.

Size and Shape

The size of the beads may vary, offering options for both beginners and experienced users. Consider models with progressive balls for a gentle introduction.


Some beads include vibrating functions to increase the intensity of sensations. These models are perfect for those looking to explore new dimensions of pleasure.

The Pleasure Provided by Anal Beads

Using anal beads intensely stimulates the nerve endings in the anal area, leading to more powerful and profound orgasms. The unique sensation felt during bead removal, in particular, can offer unparalleled peaks of pleasure.

Usage and Tips

Start by applying a generous amount of water-based lubricant to the beads and the entrance of the anus. Then, insert the beads one by one, taking your time and listening to your body. To remove the beads, gently pull on the string or ring, preferably at the moment of orgasm for an even more intense experience.

Cleaning and Maintenance

After use, it is crucial to clean your anal beads with a specific toy cleaner or warm water and mild soap. Proper maintenance will ensure the durability of your toy and preserve your health.