Extreme Fist Lubricant — 500ml Pot


Extreme Fist Lubricant (500ml), a unique blend offering exceptional slip and extended durability, slightly numbing for optimal comfort.

Perfect for intense intimate experiences, whether anal or vaginal, and specifically designed to facilitate the practice of fist-fucking.

- Ultra slippery and long-lasting
- Relaxing and desensitizing effect
- Compatible with condoms
- Non-toxic, tasteless and odorless
- Does not contain paraben, phthalate or gluten
- Capacity: 500 ml
- Made in Germany


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The S8 Extreme Fist is a high-quality hybrid lubricant, designed to maximize your pleasure during intense practices. Thanks to its unique formulation, it ensures optimal relaxation, release and desensitization, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience. Try it and discover a whole new dimension of pleasure.

S8 Extreme Fist: Hybrid Lubricant for Optimal Pleasure

The S8 Extreme Fist is a hybrid lubricant specifically designed to facilitate and optimize anal and vaginal penetrations, even the most extreme ones. Designed to maximize your pleasure, this intimate gel is ideal for lovers of intense experiences.

Relaxation, Release and Desensitization: the Winning Trio

This special Fist lubricant has been carefully designed to offer a deep relaxation, a muscle release and a light desensitization. Thanks to its unique formulation containing LAURETH-9, S8 Extreme Fist ensures painless penetration and allows you to fully enjoy your intimate moments.

Compatible with Condoms: Pleasure and Protection

S8 Hybrid Extreme Fist Lube 500ml is compatible with condoms for a safe and protected intimate experience. Its silky texture ensures a smooth glide, without any sticky effect, for a total immersion in pleasure.

Extra Long Lasting: More Pleasure, Less Re-application

With its extra long-lasting formula, S8 Extreme Fist accompanies your passion and desire by eliminating the need for frequent re-application. It is non-toxic, tasteless and odorless, thus offering a pure and sensational experience. Moreover, the S8 Extreme Fist is free of oil and grease.

Easy Use for Increased Pleasure

To use the S8 Extreme Fist, simply apply the lubricant to the desired area. You can then enjoy intensified sensations and unprecedented pleasure. Thanks to its relaxing and desensitizing effect, this lubricant allows a painless exploration of new dimensions of pleasure.


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