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Diablo 25ml

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Diablo is an exciting poppers that will let you have sex hotter than the pits of hell and longer than eternity.

Diablo impacts the senses, relaxes the sphincter muscles, strengthens the erection, the pleasure and its effects increase permanently which makes this poppers ideal for those looking for sexual performance :

No wonder Diablo is particularly popular in saunas, especially in Spain.

Its 25ml bottle with its wide neck also makes it ideal to let it diffuse in the room to create an atmosphere charged with excitement.


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Diablo poppers are renowned for their effectiveness and intense impact on the senses.

Powerful Poppers that perfectly relaxes the sphincter muscles and strengthens the erection.

Diablo works within seconds of unscrewing the bottle, introducing you to a state of unbridled submission and unimaginable excitement.

Excellent poppers for casual sex lovers in backrooms, saunas and dark alleys.

Excellent poppers for BDSM and other perversions.

The formula of this poppers has won the loyalty of sex lovers all over the world. Sophisticated aroma and remarkable action cannot be compared to any other poppers . If you want to experience the uniqueness of this recipe, you just have to try it.

Poppers diablo acts immediately after unscrewing the bottle. The aroma spreading through the room will put you in a sublime state of excitement and sexual readiness.

Thanks to this perfume, you will become more sensitive and excited than ever.

data sheet

Duration of effects
4 to 7 minutes
Intense impact on the senses, state of unbridled submission and excitement, anal relaxation, strengthens erection, intensifies orgasm.
BDSM games
Sexual Disinhibition
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Top du top super efficace pour homme comme pour femme effect aphrodisiaque garanti je recommande

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Diablo 25ml

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