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Jolt Blue - Mint Poppers 10ml

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Jolt Blue with a refreshing mint scent with all the powerful euphoric and aphrodisiac effects of JOLT poppers!

Ideal for those who do not like the characteristic smell of poppers.

Formulated with isopropyl nitrite and mint essential oil (1%), these poppers immediately stimulate your senses and lift your inhibitions.

Improve your love life and realize your most intimate fantasies. It increases your pleasure and intensifies your orgasms while facilitating anal and vaginal penetration.

A must for uninhibited sex games.

Made in France!


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The refreshing scent of Jolt Blue gives you the most intense effects once it hits your nostrils.

Open the bottle and let its fresh aroma spread throughout the room to give you exciting and stimulating sensations.

JOLT BLUE provides the same sensations as classic JOLT poppers, but the characteristic smell of poppers is masked by its mint scent. JOLT laboratories are renowned for designing the purest and most powerful poppers thanks to their unique distillation process. Immediate and marked sensations that you will have trouble finding on other poppers formulated with Propyl:

First a feeling of pleasant warmth that irradiates your body with an indescribable excitement that you have never felt before.

You'll quickly want your cuddling sessions to be even hotter and steamier, so get ready!
Inhibitions fall and repressed desires are experienced more intensely , until after orgasm you can only moan with exhaustion.

JOLT BLUE is also a fantastic muscle relaxer for passive guys who need a boost to turn passive into power!

Its new, much tighter, secure cap prevents liquid from leaking or evaporating. It keeps longer without its effects being altered.

data sheet

Duration of effects
3 to 6 minutes
Sexual euphoria, disinhibition, anal or vaginal relaxation, sexual pleasure and more intense orgasm.
Festive use
Sexual Disinhibition
Poppers by Country

Parfum léger et agréable

Odeur de menthe fraise, vraiment douce, presque sucrée. Effets classiques recherchés quand on utilise ce type de produit...


Odeur agréable, effets softs

Les effets sont assez légers. Le recommande pour l'apéro ou soirées plutôt que le sexe. Pour ça, se diriger vers les poppers amyl ou penthyl.

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Jolt Blue - Mint Poppers 10ml

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