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Juic'd Platinum 24ml - 3 Pack include 1 free bottle

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Limited Special Offer: Order 2 Juic'd Platinum poppers and get the third one for free!

Discover the Platinum recipe, enhanced with a unique blend designed to amplify the euphoric and aphrodisiac effects of Juic'd, the new name for Jungle Juice Platinum.

Juic'd offers intense and aphrodisiac effects, triggering a surge of sexual desire and significantly increasing sensitivity and pleasure. It also promotes notable muscle relaxation, particularly in the anal area, making intercourse more enjoyable and intense.

Each bottle can be stored for several months in a cool and dry place.

This pack contains


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Product manufactured in the laboratory and compliant with European directives (CE standards).
Very flammable. Do not swallow. Irritating product whose excessive and prolonged use can lead to health risks. Keep out of reach of children, in a cool and ventilated place. Poppers are prohibited for minors.

Treat yourself to the ultimate experience with the Juic'd 24ml pack of 3, intense amyl poppers. Each 24ml bottle is specially formulated to provide you with intense and aphrodisiac sensations that will stimulate your senses and spice up your intimate moments.

Intense and Aphrodisiac Effects

Juic'd poppers are renowned for their powerful and stimulating effects. By inhaling the vapors of this amyl-based poppers, you will experience an immediate surge in sexual desire and a significant increase in sensitivity and pleasure.

Thanks to its unique formula, Juic'd relaxes the smooth muscles of the body, particularly those in the anal region, making sexual intercourse easier and the experience even more enjoyable and intense.

By using Juic'd poppers, you unleash your inhibitions and surrender to intense moments of sexual pleasure. Its euphoric and uninhibiting effect allows you to have unforgettable sensory and sexual experiences.

An Economical and Convenient Pack

With the Juic'd 24ml pack of 3, you get not just one, but three bottles of this intense amyl poppers. This allows you to prolong your moments of pleasure or share this experience with your partner or friends.

Each 24ml bottle is equipped with a leak-proof safety cap to ensure optimal preservation and prevent any loss of quality. This way, you can fully enjoy the powerful effects of Juic'd with each use.

Furthermore, Juic'd is specially packaged in durable and opaque glass bottles to preserve its quality and ensure discretion during delivery.

Usage and Storage Tips

To fully enjoy the effects of Juic'd poppers, it is recommended to inhale the vapors gently, allowing them to penetrate your nostrils. Be sure not to use this product in combination with other substances, especially erectile medication.

After opening, store your Juic'd bottles in a cool and dry place, preferably in the refrigerator, to preserve their effectiveness and freshness. Make sure to securely close the cap after each use to avoid any unnecessary evaporation.

Indulge in a unique and intense experience with the Juic'd 24ml pack of 3, the amyl poppers that will take you to new heights of pleasure and excitement. Order now and get ready for unforgettable moments.

data sheet

Duration of effects
4 minutes
Increases sexual desire, promotes anal dilation, stronger erection, more intense orgasm, occasional euphoria.
BDSM games
Festive use
Sexual Disinhibition
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