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Gift Offer: Super Original® 10ml (Amyl) with Free Inhaler

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Heir to the Super Rush, this popper with its original Amyl formula from the 90s offers sensations that gradually intensify to reach a nirvana of sensations.

Its euphoric effects are ideal for fun moments with friends, and as an intense aphrodisiac, it's also perfect for naughty moments in pairs or groups.

Offered: a high-quality inhaler for a safe experience.

Key Features: euphoria, pleasant carnal sensations, very powerful aphrodisiac, immediate effects


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Discover Super Original® Amyl 10ml, the successor of Super Rush, with a handy inhaler included. Enjoy a revolutionary formula for passionate and safe experiences.

A Formula Inherited from the Best Years

This exclusive formula, from the 90s, combines Amyl Nitrite for intense and lasting sensations. Designed to release impulses and stimulate desire, it offers an immediate and powerful effect.

Pleasure and Safety with the Free Inhaler

Enjoy your Super Original® safely thanks to the included inhaler. Made with high-quality plastic, it allows for direct inhalation without contact with the bottle, ensuring safe and effective use.

Unforgettable Moments, Alone or With Company

Whether for solo sessions with sex toys or fiery nights with company, Super Original® is your ideal ally. Its intensified effect by the inhaler promises moments of pure pleasure.

Guaranteed European Quality

Canadian Formula distilled in the EU by RUSH, the Super Original® Amyl 10ml meets the highest European quality standards. Each bottle and inhaler represent a guarantee of safety and excellence.

Testimonials and Experiences

Users praise the remarkable effectiveness of Super Original® combined with the inhaler. They testify to intense euphoria and doubled pleasure, for unparalleled experiences.

An Ideal Choice for Connoisseurs

If you're looking for a perfect mix of tradition and innovation, opt for Super Original®. It represents the apex of the aphrodisiac experience, with an immediate effect and guaranteed strong sensations.

Super Original® Amyl 10ml with Inhaler is not just an aphrodisiac product. It's an invitation to rediscover pleasure at its peak. Experience an intense and memorable experience with each use.

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Sensory enhancement, euphoria, increased sexual pleasure, deep relaxation, sensory delight, aphrodisiac.
BDSM games
Festive use
Sexual Disinhibition
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Bien cette nouvelle version, surpris par la puissance!

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