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Master Pack XXL - 10 Poppers

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Poppers selected for their power and popularity within Fetish/BDSM circles.

A range reserved for connoisseurs and the most experienced.

They can be used individually for any occasion or in combination to vary and amplify the sensations.

  • Pentyl Formulas (Explosive Sensations): Elix Pentyl 24ml - Faust 9ml.
  • Amyl Formula (gentle rise, strong and persistent sensations): Iron Fist 30ml - Sweat Pig 24ml.
  • Propyl Formula (Rapid Rise): Master 24ml - Berlin XXX Hardcore 24ml.

This pack contains


  • Authentic Poppers - Best Price Guaranteed.
  • Fast delivery: 72h in Europe with tracking.
  • Discreet & Robust Package.
Product manufactured in the laboratory and compliant with European directives (CE standards).
Very flammable. Do not swallow. Irritating product whose excessive and prolonged use can lead to health risks. Keep out of reach of children, in a cool and ventilated place. Poppers are prohibited for minors.

We've combined some of our best-selling room aromas in this Master XXL pack. We have chosen these poppers among the best-selling brands in sex clubs, saunas and BDSM circles. This mixed poppers pack is ideal when you can't decide between several items, or just want to experience something new!

Package contents:

  1. Berlin XXX Hardcore: Considered the most powerful poppers formulated with propyl. Its rise is fast and offers a good flush of heat in addition to its aphrodisiac and vasodilator effects.
  2. Iron Fist: With its ultra-resistant aluminum bottle that will allow you to slip it into your pocket, you can take it everywhere. It is also a poppers in the rise is gentle but beware: its effects are no less powerful!
  3. Sweat Pig: As the name suggests, get ready to sweat like a pig! Good guaranteed hot flash and obsessive desire for sex.
  4. Elix Pentyl: Recognized among enthusiasts, it is THE poppers par excellence. Its rise is fast and it provides really strong sensations.
  5. Master: Ideal for hard trips. Acts quickly.
  6. Faust: Anal dilation and insane sexual euphoria will be there with this super-powerful poppers formulated with Pentyl, the most hardcore formula.

Reserved for insiders

Our Master Pack XXL poppers are some of the most popular with the underground gay community, and it's not hard to see why. It's a great way to test out some of the brands. If you're looking for some really hardcore poppers , this is the pack for you. It's the perfect choice for those feeling more adventurous.

Authentic products

Here at Popper Express, you can buy your poppers with confidence. All the poppers we stock have undergone the strictest quality checks so you can be sure they are highly effective and we maintain high standards. No wonder we are considered by many to be the best places to buy poppers packs!

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BDSM games
Sexual Disinhibition

Retours pack master xxl

De mon expérience et maintenant que je les ai tous essayés, cette combinaison est ingénieuse pour moi.
En tant que débutant le Berlin XXX Hardcore est vraiment le premier poppers qui m'avait vraiment frappé par ses effets dans un sauna de Nimes à l'époque. La meilleure vraie expérience que j'ai eu avec un poppers jusque là.
Il y en a 3-4 dans le mix qui s'accordent très bien ensemble , à sniffer l'un après l'autre et s'envoyer juste septième ciel. Pour un coup de fouet moins brutal, le pig jaune est celui que j'utilise, tout en restant bien ouvert ... De bons poppers pour les après midi au sauna.

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Master Pack XXL - 10 Poppers

€70.76 €42.46