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Super Original® 10ml (Amyl) - Successor of Super Rush

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Successor of the legendary Super Rush, this 90s formula based on Amyl Nitrite offers strong and lasting sensations.

Perfect for euphoric moments with friends or even naughtier moments alone or with others.

This formula provides a gentler rush initially as it gradually increases in intensity, eventually reaching a nirvana of sensations.

Key Features: intense euphoria, enhanced sexual pleasure, relaxation and letting go, amplified sensory experience.


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Discover the Super Original Amyl 10ml Poppers, the worthy successor of the famous Super Rush. Originating from the expertise of PWD, this revolutionary product promises an unforgettable experience, marking the return of the Amyl formula cherished since the 90s.

A Unique Formula for an Unforgettable Experience

Our exclusive formula combines the best of the 70s and 90s. The particularly powerful isopentyl nitrite ensures both intense and pleasant sensations. This product is designed to trigger a wave of desire and euphoria, immersing you in a state of deep well-being.

Quality and Safety First

Manufactured in the European Union, the Super Original Amyl 10ml Poppers meet the strictest quality standards. Each bottle is the result of a rigorous manufacturing process, guaranteeing safety and effectiveness with every use.

Designed for Passionate Moments

Whether for passionate sessions or moments of intense freedom, this poppers is your ideal companion. Its immediate effect upon opening the bottle transports you to a world of enhanced pleasure and sensations.

Easy and Safe to Use

Featuring a convenient and secure cap, this product is easy to use and store. Its stable formula ensures a risk-free experience, allowing you to fully concentrate on your moments of relaxation and pleasure.

Testimonials and Experiences

Many users have testified to the remarkable effectiveness of this product. Feedback highlights a significant increase in pleasure, lasting euphoria, and an unparalleled sense of freedom.

Why Choose Super Original Amyl 10ml Poppers?

If you are looking for an authentic experience rich in emotions and sensations, this poppers is for you. It represents the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, offering both a nostalgic and revolutionary experience.

The Super Original Amyl 10ml Poppers is more than just an aphrodisiac product. It is an invitation to rediscover pleasure in its purest and most intense form. Experience this legacy of the 90s and enter a world where every sensation is magnified.

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Sensory enhancement, euphoria, increased sexual pleasure, deep relaxation, sensory delight, aphrodisiac.
BDSM games
Festive use
Sexual Disinhibition
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