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Poppers CBD 10ml — With hemp essential oils

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Poppers enriched with essential oils of CBD, which, in addition to its aphrodisiac virtues, helps to reduce stress and anxiety, putting you in a better predisposition to make love.

This "Propyl" formula provides vertiginous sensations from the first puff.

Powerful Aphrodisiac Poppers: concrete erection, anal/vaginal relaxation, exacerbation of the senses and sexual pleasure, stronger orgasm.

Gives off a light hemp scent that camouflages the characteristic smell of poppers.

Size 10ml. Made in France.



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Well-being, fullness and pleasure of the flesh... the perfect cocktail for warm and unforgettable evenings.

By combining the active ingredients of propyl nitrite and CBD, the Extrem CBD poppers put you in the ideal predisposition for sex, while increasing the intensity of sexual pleasure.

How CBD Improves Sex Life

CBD is reputed to effectively reduce stress and anxiety, automatically the climate is conducive to rapprochement and the rise of desire.

In addition, according to the scientific studies carried out on this subject, it turns out that CBD would have a very positive action on the sexual life of people who have tried it. Of more than 5,000 people who participated in an American study, 31% of men said they lasted longer, while 33% of women said they reached orgasm faster. And of all these people, 72% of men and 76% of women admitted to having experienced more intense orgasms thanks to CBD.

Another advantage and not the least: CBD stimulates blood circulation, causes the expansion of blood vessels and allows better oxygenation of the blood. In this way, the excitement rises faster and the sensations are more intense.

CBD + Propyl: The intense aphrodisiac cocktail

Poppers already have powerful aphrodisiac virtues by disinhibiting, relaxing the muscles to help anal or vaginal penetration and above all by heightening the sense of touch and increasing the intensity of orgasm tenfold.

These virtues are combined with the relaxing & destressing effects of CBD, which intensifies the sensations it provides for an unforgettable night.


We recommend that beginners let the bottle diffuse into the room. Its sweet and pleasant cannabis scent will eroticize the room while providing a relaxed atmosphere.

Poppers can also be inhaled through the neck of a single nostril. Inhale, hold the breath for a few seconds and exhale the air from your lungs. You will immediately feel a pleasant warmth that runs through your whole body. Its aphrodisiac virtues follow quickly and last a few minutes.


Your Extrem CBD poppers are optimized to keep longer: The opaque bottle preserves the molecules from light, so its safety cap is fitted with a seal to prevent liquid evaporation and leaks.

To help retain your aroma even longer, it is important to place it in a cool, dry place after use. Ideally in your refrigerator.

Made in France. Propyl nitrile enriched with CBD essential oils.

data sheet

Duration of effects
3 to 6 minutes
De-stressing, anal/vaginal relaxation, transient drunkenness, slight feeling of fullness, increases the sense of touch and sexual sensations (fellatio, penetration, orgasm).
BDSM games
Festive use
Sexual Disinhibition
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