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Combo Pack Amyl Propyl XL

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Combine the fast and powerful effects of Propyl in its purest composition, and the longer lasting aphrodisiac effects of Amyl by letting both bottles diffuse into the room.

You will be surprised how much your libido is at its peak with this aphrodisiac cocktail!

Each nitrite in its purest composition in 24ml format for more pleasure. And thanks to the anti-leak and 100% waterproof safety cap, keep your aromas for several weeks or even months in the refrigerator.

This pack contains


  • Authentic Poppers - Best Price Guaranteed.
  • Fast delivery: 72h in Europe with tracking.
  • Discreet & Robust Package.
Product manufactured in the laboratory and compliant with European directives (CE standards).
Very flammable. Do not swallow. Irritating product whose excessive and prolonged use can lead to health risks. Keep out of reach of children, in a cool and ventilated place. Poppers are prohibited for minors.

poppers formulated with Amyl or Propyl are the favorite of many users because their effects, which differ slightly, improve the pleasure during your antics.

Thanks to this combo pack, you can vary the pleasures and sensations by letting a single bottle or both bottles diffuse at the same time.

  • Amyl : The most sexual aroma, its strength releases quickly and its effects last a long time.
  • Propyl : The mythical aroma that popularized poppers in the 80s with instant and very powerful effects.

What are the effects of Propyl (alone)?

The propyl poppers cause a fast and particularly bright rise. A feeling of pleasant warmth invades you. Your sexual appetite awakens strongly and exalts the sensations of pleasure during your antics.

Propyl allows you to satisfy all your sexual urges because it cuts all your inhibitions. It is a poppers with a rather non-aggressive or even pleasant and sweet smell depending on their composition.

What are the effects of Amyl (alone)?

With a gradual rise, it provides a form of sexual euphoria. Its advantage is that its effects last much longer. Your muscles relax effectively and almost immediately. Get ready to be totally uninhibited and let your sexual creativity run wild!

What are the effects of the Propyl & Amyl mix?

By letting the two open bottles diffuse, or by inhaling them one after the other, the effects are different and remain intense. This mixture optimizes your sexual performance and fulfills all your partner's urges. The effects last over time and are literally increased tenfold both in terms of orgasm and erection.

data sheet

Duration of effects
3 to 7 minutes
Sexual disinhibition, stronger erections for longer, anal or vaginal relaxation, exacerbations of the senses (caresses, fellatio...), stronger orgasm.
BDSM games
Sexual Disinhibition
Poppers by Country

Léger déséquilibre

Je trouve que l'un est très fort et l'autre pas du tout (Propyl)


Se mixent bien

J'utilise généralement les deux en sniffant l'un après l'autre. Propyl donne un coup de boost tandis que Amyl monte plus longtemps.
Idéal pour le sexe.
Propyl se vide plus rapidement mais ok



Utilisé avec mon partenaire pour améliorer nos ébats sexuels ... et a fonctionné. De toute façon, nous sommes un couple chaud ... ça juste exalté notre magnétisme bestial :)






Je pensais le pur amyl plus fort que ça mais mes potes le kiffe quand même. je les ai fait tourné en soirée et eux disaient que ces 2 poppers etaient puissants

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Combo Pack Amyl Propyl XL

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