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Rush Zero Red Distilled 10ml

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Are you looking for a new poppers that really excites you and allows absolute anal relaxation at the same time?

It's time to try the new Rush Zero Red Distilled with the unique formula composed of the two most intense nitrites, you will experience exactly what you expected.

Thanks to its formula with a longer distillation for absolute purity, this aroma immeasurably increases your desire for sex and ensures strong anal relaxation even longer.

Even oversized toys are no longer an obstacle for you and you will enjoy intense pleasure without pain. The red color of the packaging announces the color: perfect for indulging in fist fucking!



  • Authentic Poppers - Best Price Guaranteed.
  • Fast delivery: 72h in Europe with tracking.
  • Discreet & Robust Package.
Product manufactured in the laboratory and compliant with European directives (CE standards).
Very flammable. Do not swallow. Irritating product whose excessive and prolonged use can lead to health risks. Keep out of reach of children, in a cool and ventilated place. Poppers are prohibited for minors.

After months of research, the Rush laboratory has created an absolutely new aroma that gives you orgasmic pleasure and absolute anal relaxation.

After the Black Label, discover a new premium range: the Red Distilled !
This new formula has undergone a longer distillation process to not only remove superfluous water molecules and keep the nitrite as pure as possible, but also perfectly combines isopropyl and isopentyl nitrites for increased potency and effects. longer!

The result: A poppers with powerful and extremely long-lasting aphrodisiac effects that is perfect for lovers of fisting and thrills!

To preserve the purity of its Propyl & Amyl-based formulation, and therefore its effects for a long time, the Power Pellet ball inside the bottle absorbs all the humidity and ensures poppers of unparalleled purity.

The Rush laboratory wanted to create with Zero Red Distilled an absolute must for all poppers lovers, there is no doubt that this new flavor will become the benchmark for hybrid poppers !

data sheet

Mix Amyl Propyl
Duration of effects
4 to 7 minutes
Frantic desire for sex, relaxes the muscles of the anus and vagina, slight sexual euphoria, more powerful orgasm, heightened sensory sensations.
BDSM games
Fist Fucking
Sexual Disinhibition
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Rush Zero Red Distilled 10ml

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