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Poppers Extra Strong Elix Pentyl

3 Review(s)
Regular price €14.90 -20% Price €11.93
Don't be fooled by the freshness of its fragrance, Elix Pentyl poppers are an ultra-powerful aphrodisiac: it's the essential ally to reach nirvana during sex with effects that...

Fist Hard 9ml - Extreme Anal Relaxation...

5 Review(s)
Regular price €9.95 -€1.00 Price €8.96
More powerful than its little brother, the Fist Classic poppers , Fist Hard has a real "punch" effect on your sensations and allows intense muscle relaxation thanks to its...

Jungle Juice Black Label Pentyl Formula 15ml

8 Review(s)
Regular price €11.95 -€3.00 Price €8.95
The Jungle Juice brand has long been legendary, but now it 's even stronger, more intense and exciting than ever! The Black Label Formula Extreme is the strongest...

BB Pentyl 10ml

7 Review(s)
Price €8.95
The iconic poppers brand of the 70s, Blue Boy is back with a new name: BB . A brand new more powerful formula and a less strong smell that will guarantee you even more...

BB Poppers - 24 ml

18 Review(s)
Regular price €12.90 -€3.00 Price €9.90
BB, or Blue Boy, is an aroma that is as effective for your festive as it is naughty evenings, it is powerful without being too strong . It allows you to remove your...

BB Poppers - 3 Pack Including 1 free

3 Review(s)
Regular price €38.65 -33.33% Price €25.77
The BB - Blue Boy poppers in limited promotional offer: 3 units for the price of 2! Blue Boy is the authentic poppers born in the disco years. It lifts your social...

Amsterdam XXX Pentyl 24ml - New Formula

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Regular price €16.75 -€4.00 Price €12.75
Amsterdam, one of the best poppers in our shop, has been revamped with a new format, new label, and new ultra-strong pentyl formula! After months and months of research,...

English Pentyl 15ml

5 Review(s)
Price €8.91
The English have released this super quality Pentyl formula poppers, and much more powerful than other Amyl or Propyle formula poppers. If you're looking for something a...

English Pentyl 24ml

2 Review(s)
Regular price €10.90 -10% Price €9.81
Another overpowering poppers straight from the UK. Its refined formula has been stabilized to induce heightened sexual sensations just before or during your play session...

Pur Pentyl by Jolt 10ml

Price €8.91
The formula has been stabilized according to the latest innovations from JOLT laboratories. Pure Pentyl has undergone multiple distillation processes to retain the purest and...

Pur Pentyl by Jolt 25ml

Price €11.91
The formula has been stabilized according to the latest innovations from JOLT laboratories. Pure Pentyl has undergone multiple distillation processes to retain the purest and...

Amsterdam XXX Ultra Strong 10ml

Regular price €9.90 -€1.00 Price €8.90
Amsterdam XXX Ultra Strong will blow your mind. The name says it all - be warned, it really is ultra strong and its effects extremely long lasting. It is distilled from...

Amsterdam XXX Ultra Strong 24ml

Regular price €14.90 -€2.00 Price €12.91
Take advantage of its "No Limit" effects on your libido and pleasure. Open the bottle, and let its wide neck quickly diffuse the aphrodisiac vapors of the aroma . After...

Iron Fist Black Label 30ml

Price €13.90
Originally from Berlin, this new hardcore version comes in a round, unbreakable aluminum bottle. Iron Fist will relax your muscles thanks to its powerful formula with Pentyl...

Crystal Poppers 10ml - Fast & Powerful...

5 Review(s)
Regular price €8.99 -€1.00 Price €8.00
Rush , the world leader in poppers continues to innovate with the purer and more powerful CRISTAL formula that increases your excitability and allows you to relax better...

Liquid Burning - Pentyl Purity 98%

3 Review(s)
Regular price €14.90 -€4.50 Price €10.41
After years of research in the best laboratories in the USA, a formula with a purity rate of 98% has been developed. Its extreme purity allows the effects you know from...

Gold Skull Pentyl 24ml

4 Review(s)
Regular price €14.90 -€2.00 Price €12.91
This extremely cool gold-looking glass skull not only looks great on your altar, its contents will also turn your next dates into uninhibited adventures and mystical sex...

Pack 10 Gold Skull Poppers

Price €149.01
The new Gold Skull will surprise you with its effects and the "arty" design of its bottle! Thanks to it, you will feel a strong sexual desire and an uncontrollable frenzy,...