Propyl Poppers (The Original)

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Propyl-based poppers cause a rapid euphoric rush and through its aphrodisiac properties, it stimulates desire and releases sexual urges. It can be used for recreational purposes (in the evening, boxing...) or sexual. Powerful but less strong than Amyl or Pentyl Poppers , this formula is recommended for beginners.

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Amsterdam Poppers 24ml

26 Review(s)
Regular price €12.95 -€4.00 Price €8.96
Compared to other brands, the aphrodisiac and relaxing effects of Amsterdam...
Jungle Juice Platinum

Jungle Juice Platinum 10ml

19 Review(s)
Regular price €9.90 -20% Price €7.92
With its recipe that will suit the greatest number, Jungle Juice Platinum is...

Original Rush 9ml

25 Review(s)
Regular price €9.90 -€4.00 Price €5.90
The best-selling poppers in Europe at a mini price. Immediate and powerful...
Rush Poppers XXL 40ml

Rush Poppers XXL 40ml

3 Review(s)
Regular price €16.90 -25% Price €12.68
The best-selling poppers in Europe in a special XXL edition of 40ml. Rush is...

Pur Propyl by Jolt 10ml

6 Review(s)
Price €8.91

Pur Propyl by Jolt 25ml

1 Review(s)
Price €11.61
As its name suggests, a propyl poppers in its purest formula (>95%)...

CBD Green Power Poppers - 10ml

Regular price €9.90 -€1.00 Price €8.90
The CBD Green Power Poppers is an innovation that combines the intensity of...

Pur Propyl XL - Rapid Effects

3 Review(s)
Regular price €11.90 -€2.00 Price €9.91
Discover the Pur Propyl poppers and allow your sphincter to relax effectively...

Lady 10ml

5 Review(s)
Regular price €9.95 -€2.00 Price €7.96
LADY was designed and formulated especially for girls and anyone who doesn't...

Lady 25ml

4 Review(s)
Regular price €14.90 -€4.00 Price €10.91
LADY , the poppers designed for female pleasure! Unlike classic aromas, its...